Akiyama-Probe Specifications (typical values)

length: 310 µm, thickness: 3.7 µm, width: 30 µm each
n-type, highly doped silicon (0.01 ~ 0.025 Ω·cm)
tip radius: <15 nm, tip height: 28 µm
Force constant
5 N/m (Si cantilever part)
Tuning fork prongs
tTF= 124 μm, wTF= 214 μm
Resonance frequency
33 – 60 kHz

Ceramic plate specifications

The images below show a NANOSENSORS™ original ceramic plate for Akiyama-Probe with two gold contacts and three through holes. All through holes have the same size and can be used for centering the plate on a counterpart that has three spheres.
The thickness is approximately 0.4 mm.